‘Inexplicable’ – Journalist shocked after Everton land £10m profit on misfit transfer exit

Everton managing to turn six league starts from Moise Kean into a £10million profit in the transfer market is “inexplicable”, according to Jonathan Wilson.

The Guardian journalist pointed to the situation on the newspaper’s website Saturday (19 August) in a rundown on the club’s decline during the Premier League era, in which the Toffees have all too often managed to do the opposite and squander money, but was at a loss to explain the financial boost received on the now-Juventus striker.

Kean was sold to the Serie A giants for £26m last season, where he was already on loan, having previously spent a season in Ligue 1 with PSG.

With loan fees on top of the eventual transfer money the 23-year-old ending up banking Everton a decent mark-up after he arrived at Goodison Park for £27.5m in 2019 [Sky Sports], but struggled to adapt and only scored four goals in total over 39 largely-substitute appearances.

Exception which makes the rule

In some ways Kean’s move to Everton was emblematic of the missteps in the transfer market under Farhad Moshiri that has left the club in the financial difficulties they are currently operating under.

As a high-priced import who, for one reason or another, doesn’t pan out at Goodison Park he joins a long list of other misfits in the past decade.

The fact that he was still young when he arrived is probably what allowed the Toffees to escape without another major hit on the books, where so many others came in as established veterans with little sell-on value.

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Despite a strong season on loan in France Kean has only shown fits and starts since, and had could easily be kicking around on Merseyside now with the likes of Andre Gomes and Jean-Philippe Gbamin as players who desperately need a permanent move away but nobody can afford them.

Sean Dyche no longer has the luxury of trying to sign big-name veterans, and has only been able to spend money on Youssef Chermiti so far in his entire time as manager.

Had the club not run up huge losses over the past few years, admittedly affected by the stadium build and Covid-19, he might be operating on a more level playing field in the transfer market, but a years-long failure to identify and recruit the right signings have helped lead Everton here.

However, as the saying goes, even a stopped clock is right twice a day and with Kean at least the club managed to get away with a healthy bonus, even if Wilson doesn’t quite know how.