HIVE Blockchain Nasdaq Listing

HIVE is an innovative new platform that lets anyone make their own digital assets on the blockchain. Reuters Business shares more about what makes HIVE unique! A Bitcoin mining business, HIVE Blockchain Technologies, has gained Nasdaq’s clearance to list its ordinary stock shares.

The HIVE team has been working hard to build a decentralized network where digital assets can be made and traded. They’ve also created a way for people to use their own personal computers to participate in this process.

HIVE, which went public in 2017 on the TSX, will keep its TSX Venture Exchange listing. Since the company just got listed on the Nasdaq, U.S. investors can now invest in bitcoin indirectly through the company’s ordinary shares.

HIVE called itself a “growth-oriented startup in an emerging industry” that combines blockchain and conventional financial markets. The company’s data centers in Canada, Sweden, and Iceland are all powered by green energy.

HIVE reportedly traded 2 billion shares in 2020. HIVE seems to be HODLing the BTC it mined since 2021.

According to a statement, HIVE has stored the majority of its BTC currency production since 2021. “Our installations provide stockholders exposure to digital currency mining profits and a crypto-coin portfolio like BTC.”

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HIVE Blockchain Nasdaq Listing Another alternative to Bitcoin

While the SEC hasn’t authorised a bitcoin ETF in the U.S., investors who don’t completely understand how to acquire and hold BTC have turned to a few alternatives. Institutional investors often buy Grayscale’s GBTC, whose shares reflect the bitcoin market price minus fees and expenditures.

Existing exchange-traded options are indirect for ordinary investors. Some have turned to Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy, whose stock has consistently tracked the bitcoin market price since Saylor began contributing BTC constantly.

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Retail investors could use HIVE and other publicly traded companies that mine bitcoin as proxies for the price of bitcoin going up. Investing in proxies is not the same as investing in bitcoin, so investors should acquire and keep BTC to fully benefit from this new monetary network.

HIVE has its own token called HIVE tokens (HVT)

HIVE will launch with a total supply of 1 billion HIVE tokens. These tokens will be distributed as follows:
• 50% will be available for sale during the ICO period at $0.10 per token
• 25% will be allocated to the founders and early contributors
• 15% will be reserved for future development and operations
• 5% will be used for legal fees and other expenses
The remaining 10% will be held by the company until the end of the project.

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